About me

  • Hi!
    I am Manan Choksi. I was born on 25th October 1978, in Surat, India.

    I have spent almost 80% of my life in getting essays typer educated for a better future to realise that the world has got no solution for the present. So I have decided to leave back a better world than what I was born in. Every day I am working with that dream in mind and hope that even a small contribution may bring a small improvement in the world

    I got my K-12 education from Udgam School, and then I joined the B.Com course at HACC along with my CA course. Eventually I did my M.Com from HLCC and completed my CA course. Also I did LLB from L A Shah Law College. I have done several computer education courses and certifications. I have also done a few short term management courses from Nirma and IIM-A.

    Apart from education another thing I have done a lot is: business. I started with computer assembling, reselling and servicing at the age of 18. From there I have come a long way in having interests in lot of business catering to varied industries. Profitably adding value to others is my dream.

    • Topics which I like are:
    • ›   Economics : both Micro and Macro
    • ›   Business
    • ›   Technology
    • ›   Health and Fitness

    • Topics which I don’t like are:
    • ›   Sports
    • ›   Politics

    I believe in religion. And it is doesn’t matter which one. I believe that one should be religious at heart and not necessary show that you are religious. I think a lot of world’s problem can be solved if people are religious at heart.

    I am married and have a daughter. My wife is a good complement even though shares a lot of interests edit my essay for free online with me.

    • Activities which I like are:
    • ›   Watching movies / TV without advertisements
    • ›   Travelling
    • ›   Reading
    • ›   Writing
    • ›   Adventure packed vacations
    • ›   Exercising / Yoga
    • ›   Doing different things in same way and same things in different way

    I am a strong believer in intelligent hard work. I don’t see that one can achieve anything by not working and mindless work is even worse. Even though sometimes I am guided by a mood I usually try to do what my mind says. Investing a lot of my time and money in improving my productivity, I have realised that intelligent hard work can make a person achieve a lot more than anything else.

    I believe people should spend in gadgets to increase productivity and not merely show that they are technologically advanced. I love my laptop, mobile phone and my tablet PC. They are tools to help me do my work in less time. Not to mention that I do play games and do a lot of non-work things on these gadgets but again, it takes a lot less time!

    So that’s about it!

  • EDUCATIONIST – Set to fulfil the vision of Unique Udgam!

    Manan Choksi is the Executive Director of one of the best schools in Ahmedabad, Udgam School, and is a man of outstanding achievements both in education and work. He is an alumnus of Udgam School and has pursued his entire school education here.

    Manan earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Commerce from Gujarat University along with Bachelor’s in Law from the same university.

    When Manan joined the Board of Directors of Udgam School, he was in the best position to understand the changing needs of education and also implement the changes conforming to the rich tradition of the school. Although, Manan is a practising Chartered Accountant and a partner in one of the leading CA firms, besides being the Director of RE/MAX MGM, India’s finest franchise business in real estate, he is an educationist in the true sense of the word.

    Manan has brought several modern management techniques in running the school. During his tenure he has increased parent satisfaction, improved quality of teaching and reduced teacher turnover. An ardent advocate of technology, he has been instrumental in enhancing the level of IT in the school.

    He has significantly contributed towards increasing the strength and revenue of the school, elevating it to the heights it has reached today. Within a very short time Udgam School has grown from strength of 1200 children in one premise to 3700 in two premises. The catapult in growth is set to go up to 4700 by the year 2015.

    A dynamic visionary, Manan has made differences where they really mattered and the immense development and expansion of Udgam School as one of the top K-12 schools in the past decade stands testimony to his pioneering work. Apart from his alma mater, he has also imparted his knowledge to other education institutes like Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Mandir and others.

    For him teachers are not merely educators. They are ‘brilliant people who care’. To him technology without the right people to impart education is meaningless. Udgam School combines both the people and the technology to make it a name to reckon with in the educational world creating individuals who win.

  • REALTOR – A true professional in Real Estate broking!

    Manan Choksi, regional owner of RE/MAX in Gujarat and Maharashtra, is a man of outstanding achievements – both in education and work. Through his diverse educational background and strong management skills, Manan has been able to continuously expand his horizons with remarkable success, in every professional and entrepreneurial venture that he has undertaken.

    A Chartered Accountant by profession, Manan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and Law and Master’s degree in Commerce. He is also the Executive Director of Ahmedabad’s top K-12 school, Udgam School, and the Founder Director of Choksi Tax Services.

    He got the Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR) certification in 2012. He did a couple of Management Development Programs from IIM, Ahmedabad. He has attended informal classes at Kellogg’s Business School to get a taste of US colleges.

    His proven commitment and expertise in diverse industry backgrounds, makes him the best person to take the RE/MAX message and network forward in the prosperous state of Gujarat and Maharashtra. Manan has displayed strong communication and leadership qualities which will inspire the entire network of individuals joining the RE/MAX family from the regions of Mumbai, Gujarat and Maharashtra.

    Manan’s mode of operations in RE/MAX systems has inspired other realtors on domestic and global levels. He has delivered lectures and conducted training sessions for RE/MAX affiliates in Pune, Surat, Mumbai and Ahmedabad. Manan has also delivered lectures at various professional and academic seminars and conferences.

    Manan is a man of deep ethics and his integrity has made it possible to take the names of professionalism and broking in the same breath.

  • CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT- Simple tax solutions for all!

    Mr. Manan Choksi, Chartered Accountant, a dynamic entrepreneur – the key force of the company, is a Founder-Director of Choksi Tax Services. He has an excellent academic background and zest for success. Having seen a lot of small business entrepreneurs struggling to manage their accounting & tax complicacies, he decided to create an easy and affordable platform to outsource their accounting and tax functions to people who are good at it. Choksi Tax Services is an endeavor to fulfill his dream. His sound proficiency of Information Technology is driving the company to achieve the advance compliances of e-governance.

    As a partner of GK Choksi & Company, he has not only acquired a multi-faceted experience by handling various assignments related to Direct / Indirect Tax, Company Law and Audit but he also developed and implemented an effective MIS-work flow system and Document management system to simplify processes. Manan has founded Choksi Tax Services, an accounting and personal taxation company, and made it a cash positive venture within 6 months of operations.

    Manan used cutting edge technology in enhancing the productivity of accountants with his strong background in technology. He also made use of social media platforms to do justice to the image of accountants in the society. His firm provides a dynamic one stop solution to multiple tax requirements and makes it extremely easy for the clients to deal with their taxation issues.

    He found a lucrative niche which was inspired by the struggles that he had seen small business entrepreneurs going through in their feeble attempts to handle tax complications.

  • TECHNOPRENEUR- Success acumen is technology in entrepreneurship!

    Manan Choksi is an ardent technologist and entrepreneur who has shown remarkable achievement in his work and philosophy. A diverse educational background and strong management skills together with a keen insight in technology, has helped Manan expand his horizons successfully in each and every venture that he has taken up. He has connected people, process and technology for the best outcomes.

    When just out of school in 1996, Manan started his first venture, a hardware company that assembled computers. A few years later in 2000, he founded Madhuvan Infotech, a software developing company. A decade later he entered a joint venture with Maven Infosoft Pvt. Ltd.

    He also bought Datalyst India Pvt. Ltd., a Medical Transcription unit for US-based doctors, when it was a loss making enterprise and turned it around within 3 months by significantly contributing towards employee productivity, customer retention and overall profitability. In 2011 Manan joined 911 Support, a hardware company, in an angel funding partnership.

    When Manan joined as the Executive Director of Udgam School, one of the top K-12 schools of Ahmedabad, he revolutionized the system by computerizing it as far as possible, besides elevating the school IT department. His ‘less paper’ theory has been brought in to practice with great efficacy and the entire communication platform is online. During his tenure the school has won awards in excellence for IT, cleanliness, computer literacy and sanitization.

    As Founder-Director of Choksi Tax Services, Manan has strived to create an easy and affordable platform to outsource accounting and tax services of small business entrepreneurs to professionals who handle it well. Application of IT to his dream project has further helped to sustain it over the years and solved the problems of many businessmen who not only have better audits but also have more time to focus on their businesses.

    Manan is the Regional Owner and Director of RE/MAX MGM, a company he founded and which is India’s finest franchise business in real estate. RE/MAX uses the best software available for any real estate broking agency. With his varied exposure in diverse industries and use of cutting edge technology, he has taken the RE/MAX message and network ahead in Gujarat and Maharashtra.